Durban Practice

st augustine hospital

Chelmsford Medical Centre 3
107 J B Marks Road


031 201 8087


Postal Address

PO Box 13971


Important Notice

We would like to inform all patients of our protocol during this time of heightened alert due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

The practice is now open. All treatments are continuing to be carried out with strict adherence to infection control regulations. We maintain optimum levels of sterilisation and sanitisation of our rooms and equipment at all times. We practice a range of aseptic techniques which are aimed to prevent pathogens from being introduced by the hands of staff, surfaces or equipment.

Additionally, we are screening all patients prior to appointments, all staff prior to workdays, executing extra precautionary sterilisation of all areas in the practice, removing any touch-based barrier to practice entry (eg. doors, buttons etc.) and providing hand sanitation aids to patients on arrival.

Click here to view the South African Coronavirus Resource Portal.

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